Beyond Voice

Poppy de Souza is an interdisciplinary researcher and cultural practitioner.  Her scholarship critically engages with the ethics, aesthetics and politics of 'voice' and listening in the context of changing media technologies, everyday cultural production,  representational politics and political transformation.  She focuses on sites and practices of struggle, resistance and innovation,  developing new theoretical approaches and critical frames to to account for the shifting structures of power that condition any claim to ‘speak up’ or ‘be heard’ or ‘give account’ in the face of competing claims to voice and conditions of voice poverty.  Her work also investigates the relationship between sound, listening and justice; acoustic violence and the 'white ear'; and the potential of slow listening  to disrupt uneven economies of attention.

My research interests extend to the politics of archives, broadly defined, building on my experience as a collections-based researcher, digital curator and cultural practitioner.  Specifically, I am interested in interventions ‘from the margins’ that aim to re-centre unheard voices, create counter-narratives and imagine new storytelling futures.