Political listening and media justice

I collaborate on projects on political listening and media justice with Dr Tanja Dreher who is based in the School of Arts and Media at UNSW Sydney. 

Tanja and I are co-convening a two-day interdisciplinary symposium The Politics of Listening to be held 29-30 November 2018 in Sydney.  Inspired by the recent ‘turn to listening’ in media studies, cultural studies and political theory, the symposium will bring together scholars and practitioners whose work critically engages with listening in diverse ways - as a political practice; as a critical frame; as an alternative politics; as a contribution to justice and/or as an ethics of relation.

I also contribute to Tanja's project "Listening In", and have begun to conduct interviews with Indigenous and community media makers, journalists and policymakers in Brisbane.  Broadly, the project aims to identify listening practices which will improve the efficacy of Indigenous and community media for democratic participation and community wellbeing. It will analyse good practice in political listening within key democratic institutions – media and government – in professional roles that require engaging with, and responding to, community concerns. This approach focuses on actors whose work in key institutions means that they have a degree of influence on policy formation, public debate and mainstream media content. The research aims to identify possibilities for improvement where obstacles to political listening are evident, with a particular focus on increasing the efficacy of Indigenous, Muslim and Sudanese community media on the mainstream public sphere.